Caring Hands Workers’ Association and Workforce Development

Adult Care Graduates

In Home Adult Care Trainees

In 1994, MUA members raised the need for a new program to complement the organization’s existing initiatives.  Members explained that participation in MUA energized them to become community leaders and advocate for themselves and their families but they also wanted job training and opportunities to build economic security for their families.

With this need in mind, MUA developed the Caring Hands Workers’ Association. Through Caring Hands, MUA members receive job training and placement as well as act collectively to achieve dignified and just employment for Latina immigrants.

Comprehensive Job Training

Each year 20 women, all of whom actively participate in MUA’s programs, graduate from a technically challenging, motivating, and approachable 80-hour, Spanish-language childcare provider or home healthcare provider training.

Training Includes:

CPR and First Aid Certification Course

CPR and First Aid Certification Course

  • Presenters from the Employment Law Center, San Francisco General Hospital, The Children’s Council, Mission Hiring Hall, Health at Home, Family Caregiver Alliance, and many other well-known and respected organizations.


  • In 2014, we partnered with Wardrobe For Opportunity, to offer WFO’s six week Pathways Career Development Program in Spanish, where members learn and practice the skills and attitudes needed for success on the job.


  • Professional housecleaning training in the use of non-toxic cleaning materials and ergonomic work techniques.


  • Participation in Caring Hands “Training Home” Program, launched in 2014, where new graduates partner with experienced members to learn hands-on cleaning and time organization techniques.


  • Professionalism and job retention skills during workshops offered at bi-monthly Association meetings at Mujeres Unidas y Activas’ offices.


  • Participation as child care providers within MUA, helping training graduates remain competitive in their fields.
CPR Infants and Children Course

Trainee learning Infant CPR