Can I hire someone to care for my child as well as cook for my family and do housecleaning?

It is possible although we encourage you to adhere to some basic guidelines.  For example, for the recommended minimum hourly wage of $15 per hour for one person’s care, job duties include the following tasks as they directly relate to the person for whom care is provided:

  • accompaniment/ supervision,
  • cleaning of child/adult’s room or spaces used in the home,
  • laundry for the individual,
  • preparation of child/ adult’s meals and washing prep and eating utensils.


If additional tasks are requested, such as deep whole house cleaning, cooking or laundry for the whole family, pet care or running general errands (i.e. dry cleaning pick up, shopping for whole family, household work etc.) it is best to negotiate a fair wage, higher than $15 per hour, recognizing this extra labor prior to the start of employment.  Clear communication, expectations and just wages are essential for a strong and healthy employer/ employee relationship and Caring Hands would be happy to facilitate communication and assist with wage recommendations as well as a sample contract which delineates expected tasks.  (Please see our Resources page for a link to the contract.)