How are background checks of Caring Hands referrals handled?

Caring Hands recognizes both your important role as an Employer and the crucial role domestic workers play in supporting your ability to provide for your family while entrusting your children, relatives or home to reliable “Caring Hands”.  Since Caring Hands is not an employment agency but rather makes referrals, not recommendations, to our highly trained members, background checks are NOT run through our office.  Caring Hands regularly reviews member performance and employer feedback and so we only refer responsible members, active in the various programs of Mujeres Unidas y Activas, including several who have been participants for many years.

We encourage employers to:

  • list requirements in the job announcements we make to members,
  • interview several candidates,
  • check referrals,
  • feel free to request any other type of clearances from the applicant you would like to hire that satisfies your needs and are acceptable under labor laws.


Please also review our DISCLAIMER as follows:

Caring Hands does not guarantee any of the workers referred resulting from the job announcement made by Caring Hands will necessarily be placed with the Employer or that a referral will be found among eligible job applicants. Caring Hands is not responsible for ensuring that an Employer ends up with a suitable worker/caregiver. If this process does not result in an Employer hiring a worker, the Employer will not be given a full or partial refund of any kind. The final determination of a worker’s suitability and hiring decision will be made solely by the Employer. The parties agree and acknowledge that any potential worker hired will be an employee of the employer. Caring Hands will not be party to any employment agreement or contract between the Employer and worker.  It is understood and agreed by both parties that Caring Hands will not perform any criminal background checks or driving record searches.  This stated, the Employer assumes all liability associated with the hiring decision and expressly removes any and all liability from Caring Hands. The Employer understands and agrees that Caring Hands cannot be responsible for any issues that may arise once the employment relationship begins between the chosen worker and the Employer. The Employer waives the right to make any claim against Caring Hands, its directors, officers, board members, employees or agents arising from or related to the job performance, acts or omissions of the worker including but not limited to, acts of negligence or criminal conduct.