Where does Caring Hands find workers they refer?

Caring Hands members are Latina Immigrant women from the community who are all members of Mujeres Unidas y Activas, meaning they have regularly attended MUA’s general meetings for a minimum 3 months and are current with their $3 per month membership fee.

MUA members who wish to become members of Caring Hands must:

  • Complete a minimum 6 months active participation in Mujeres Unidas y Activas,
  • Complete MUA’s Leadership for Community Power training,
  • Successfully graduate from Caring Hands’ annual training in either childcare or adult in-home care,
  • Attend bi-monthly Caring Hands Workers’ Association meetings where topics include:
    • continuing education in child development and adult care,
    • adapting to varying needs of children of different age groups,
    • understanding and helping adults cope with different illnesses and ailments,
    • discovering new and stimulating activities to keep children engaged,
    • political, labor and immigrant education and negotiation and professionalism skills.
  • Volunteer their time in activities within MUA,
  • For childcare training graduates: volunteer ten hours in MUA’s in-house childcare for mothers attending weekly general meetings.

Some continuing members of Caring Hands have been active participants in MUA since its founding in 1990 and continue their ongoing education and training with us!