Why should I choose Caring Hands instead of another cleaning, childcare or homecare business?

At Caring Hands, we are non-profit and neither charge for services nor keep any part of the wages workers earn.  The minimum recommended rates are based on the principle that wages should be affordable but fair to workers, valuing their important role in giving you peace of mind while your home and loved ones receive compassionate and loving care.

Most employment agencies are for-profit businesses who sometimes charge you three or four times the wages they actually pay their workers.  Although some of those charges cover minimal worker benefits the majority is agency profit including estimating, consulting and case management fees.

Caring Hands workers are women we know and work with every day who have  a long and loyal history with Mujeres Unidas y Activas.  They are women we count on to uphold our reputation as a local non-profit whose mission promotes community betterment while giving a voice to immigrant women and domestic workers in the Bay Area and the Nation.  We not only provide assistance and a safe environment to workers but also aim to support fair and just employers looking to improve their communities through their power to raise standards in this industry.