Job Placement

As of July 1, 2017, MUA will no longer offer job placement services to employers.

Finding the right Caring Hands worker starts with a simple email or call:_MG_2489

  • First, our staff works with you to identify your needs and job description,


  • A general job summary is announced on the Caring Hands work opportunity phone line for eligible Caring Hands members,


  • Members interested in applying for your job then contact Caring Hands staff,


  • Our Job Developer verifies each member’s eligibility and qualifications for your job on a first call first placement basis,


  • Prospective applicants are referred to you by sending you resumes and contact information. You should feel free to communicate directly with the worker or the Job Developer can assist with interview scheduling.


  • You choose the Caring Hands member who best fits your needs and requirements.  Caring Hands makes a minimum wage recommendation based on agreements of our Worker Association but the final wage, which may be higher based on scheduling and tasks requested, would be negotiated and paid in full directly to the provider.


  • If at any time you feel you need a different member for your job, Caring Hands is available to re-open the worker search, just let us know!


Caring Hands is not an employment agency, but rather a referral service and connection source for trained workers and employers, therefore we charge no fees for our provider/employer matching services. Our knowledgeable staff can answer any additional questions you may have about the selection process.

We are available by email, online referral request or telephone at 415-626-2128 extension 305.